Melinda’s Mini Liquid Spice Rack (10 pack)


By Far the Best

"I have tried almost every hot sauce out there and Melinda's is by far the best! They have everything from mild to hot...very hot!" -Amazon Customer

Definitely Recommend

".Melinda’s is consistently one of the most flavorful hot sauces you can buy. Definitely recommend"

-A. Webster

Massive Heat with Flavor

"...I love Ghost peppers, but I gotta say, the Scrorpion is becoming one of my favorites. Great job Melinda you sure know how to make a flavorful hot sauce with massive heat but still flavor."

-Amazon Customer


Mexicana Hot Sauce 2 oz Mini-Squeeze

TSA Compliant

Perfect for traveling, even when going through TSA. Completely compliant and convenient way to keep your Melinda's with you wherever you go! Try food from all over while having Melinda's as a perfect condiment in your everyday bag!

Green Sauce 2 oz Mini-Squeeze

Craft Sauces

Made from fresh ingredients and loaded with delicious flavors, our craft sauces are made to pack a punch while providing the best quality sauces on the market. Don't miss out on getting your free taste of Melinda's.

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce 2 oz Mini-Squeeze


Perfect size to secure in your purse or to take on the go! Our Melinda's Minis are convienent and easy to transport to your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner spot. Our sauces will take your meals to the next level.

MElinda's Minis

2 Ounces of endless flavor

Melinda's 2 ounce Craft Pepper Sauces and Condiments are made with fresh ingredients and packed with tons of flavor and heat.

Extremely Tasty

"Perfect hotness for a regular table sauce and amazing flavor. It's bright and deep and extremely tasty."

-C. Tarbet

Never Disappointed

"I've been using it for years, and I've never been disappointed!"

-Sam F.

Great Flavor

"My husband LOVES this hot sauce! He said it's flavorful & not just spicy hot. This sauce gives enough heat."



Variety is the spice of life

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